P Pan and Beyondland


P Pan and Beyondland is a retelling of the Peter Pan story.  P Pan is one of the Polly Pandora who offers sanctuary on Beyondland to children of the world who are threatened by physical or psychological abuse.  P Pan is a non-binary identifying manifestation of the Polly Pandora.  Krystal and Kyle are a pair of twins who have been quietly questioning their gender identities.  At school, a pair of boys, Harry and Jamie, are discovered kissing.  The boys are publicly humiliated and beaten up.  This incident prompts Krystal and Kyle to take P Pan up on an offer of sanctuary on Beyondland.  Krystal, Kyle, and Jamie go with P Pan to Beyondland, where they are accepted and where the children take on different gender identities than the ones they were allowed to have in the “normal” world.  Krystal becomes Kay, Kyle becomes Kyla, and Jamie openly identifies as gay.

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Kathleen is an Associate Professor at Community College of Philadelphia, an author, a mother to three beautiful girls, and a wife for over 22 years.



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